1TouchLock 1.0

Lock your phone the easy way


  • Simple to use
  • Allocate your own 'hard button'


  • Not 100% secure


Phone security is very important these days but many security programs can be overly complicated and frustrating to use when what you really want is something that locks your mobile phone with just a simple click.

That's what 1TouchLock offers you; it really is very simple.

Once installed all you need to do is allocate the 'hard key' on your mobile phone that you wish to be the 'locking button'.

So from then on each time you press that key for a short period the phone will lock. To unlock you must enter a password. You can also choose for the phone to automatically lock after a period of time when the mobile phone has not been used.

And so the problem, and unfortunately with very simple software there are often some. By reseting the phone it is possible to get around the security device.

So it's not 100% secure. But if you want something that presents itself as secure, and that will stop you making random calls when your phone is in your pocket, it's a fine middle option.

Lock your palm with just one touch! 1TouchLock allows you to use a hard button as a lock button. It will lock your device whenever it is started.



1TouchLock 1.0

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